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Unfortunately we are unable to modify McMyAdmin licences at this time as we are bringing in a new licencing system. Once this is completed licences will no longer be tied to email addresses and you will be able to change the email address at will.

McMyAdmin uses a licence tracking server to manage licence keys. Instead of giving you a different key, the existing key has its limit increased to allow as many servers as you purchase.

McMyAdmin technical support is provided by the PhonicUK Forums and the #McMyAdmin channel on the IRC network. If your issue is not already on the forums, then you need to register and create a new post detailing your problem.

If you rent a minecraft server from a host, you need to contact them for any support issues as they are responsible for managing your server and your McMyAdmin installation.

If you have lost your McMyAdmin Licence Key, you may retrieve it from the key recovery page.