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Welcome to my personal site. Here I shall release my software, and tell the world of the life that is PhonicUK. Watch this space for latest developments, plans and updates.

Latest News:

Forum migration complete.
Posted 10/12/2011 15:29:55 by

You can find the new forums at:

Both and point to the new forums.

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Forum Migration
Posted 10/12/2011 13:18:52 by

Today I'm going to be migrating away from the existing in-house forum software to an off-the-shelf solution.

By the end of the day, the existing forum will be put in read-only mode - and the new forums will be put in place. Anyone with an existing account will need to re-register.

This will take care of a number of outstanding issues, not the least being the forum search.

Apologies for any inconveniences, but this will all be for the best once it's done.

- PhonicUK

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Migration Finished.
Posted 12/10/2011 17:40:20 by

The second part of the migration has been completed. All services are now resumed and back to normal.

Just for the curious, the migration was to move and related services from a single OS on a physical box, to a virtualized OS on the same physical box without any downtime. This was made possible by having multiple ESXi hosts ready to use.

Steps performed:

* Used the VMware converter to convert the still-running dedicated server into a VM
* Update the DNS records to point the domains to the IP address of the new VM (with both still running)
* Install ESXi on the original dedicated server after the DNS ripple finished
* Hot-copy the VM from the ESXi host it was on to the intended target ESXi host
* Re-route the original VMs IP address to point to the new ESXi host
* Breathe a sigh of relief that nothing went wrong

vSphere and vCenter rock.

- PhonicUK

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