Links to my profiles in some of the social sites that I am active in.

Reddit is a social link sharing site. Users can submit stories that they think will be of interest, and members can upvote links they like. Users can also submit self posts to converse with the wider community.

Flickr is a social photo sharing site, share and manage photo albums and invite people to comment on them.

Steam Community
Steam is a content-distribution system by Valve Software. Steam community helps users organise events, form groups, and keep track of what friends are playing.

Twitter is a popular microblogging site where users post snippets of information in 140 characters or less.

Wakoopa is a social software discovery site. The Wakoopa application runs quietly in the background to keep track of how long you use different pieces of software, and publishes the results online. It can also make suggestions for software you might like based similarities with other users.

Watch the latest development videos of Ballistic, get a sneak peek of what is to come!