Windows XP,Vista,7


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About Ballistic

Ballistic is a new puzzle platformer by PhonicUK for Windows.

Just get the ball to the end of the level, seems simple enough - right?

Wrong. Many puzzles, traps and challenges will block your path, test your precision and intellect, and keep you busy for hours on end! Make your own levels with the included level editor, and easily share them online for all to enjoy!

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  • Full solid-body physics engine for lifelike movement and interaction
  • Complete Lua scripting system to let advanced users create interactive levels
  • Built in editor so you can create and share your own levels
  • On-line community where you can rate and tag users creations
  • Runs on netbooks, laptops and older computers - as well as looking great on newer systems!
  • Optional isometric view for that retro 'marble madness' feel
  • Timed lap leaderboards

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