PhonicUK Software


Platform: Windows, GNU/Linux

McMyAdmin allows you to easily manage Mincraft Survival Server installations via a simple and attractive web interface. Available to download now!


Platform: Sony PSP - M33 Custom Firmware

UMDumper allows you to copy your existing Sony PSP games from their original UMD disk on to an inserted Memory Stick Pro Duo. Available to download now!


Platform: Windows XP,Vista,7

Ballistic is a new physics based puzzle-platformer by PhonicUK, create your own levels and share them online with other players! Pre-Alpha available to download


Platform: Windows XP,Vista,7

Twixxer is an attractive desktop-widget style Twitter client with a no-fuss interface. Get popup notifications of new messages as they arrive. Currently under development.


Platform: Windows XP,Vista,7

PhOSD is an attractive on-screen-display for volume, media, and function keys (Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock). Currently under development.