PhOSD - PhonicUK On-Screen-Display

Windows XP,Vista,7

What is it?

PhOSD is a simple on-screen-display application that displays in response to certain user-configurable events, such as a change in volume level or pressing of a system key (E.g. Caps-lock).

It can be made to respond to:

  • Change in volume level
  • Mute/Unmute
  • System keys (Caps lock, Scroll Lock, Num Lock)
  • Multimedia keys (Play, Pause etc)
  • Change in power state (Battery / AC)
  • Device notifications (Plugged in / unplugged)
  • Network changes, such as connecting to a wireless network



PhOSD for OEM vendors

PhOSD can be customized with your companies brand name, logo or colors for OEM distribution with new PCs. You can also request for it to trigger in response to custom events of your choice. Contact Me for information on pricing and availability.


PhOSD is currently under development, and is not available for download at this time.